Auto Electrical Repair Service

Possible Reasons For Auto Electrical Repair Service

Cars today are more electronically integrated than at any time in the past and as a result, there is potential that electrical issues may affect your car’s performance.

If your car is displaying any of the following dashboard lights or experiencing any of the following characteristics, we suggest you Contact Us for an auto electrical repair inspection and service as soon as possible:

  • Error messages displayed on the dashboard:
    • Check Engine light is on – could be due to multiple reasons
    • Anti Lock Braking System ABS light is on – could mean there is a problem with your brakes
    • Traction Control System TCS light is on –  may/may not be activating which can be dangerous on wet or slippery road conditions
    • Air Bag Warning light is on – can be dangerous if airbags are not functioning properly during collisions
    • Engine Coolant light is on – can lead to the engine overheating and ultimately, seizing and failure, requiring expensive replacement
    • Engine Fanlight is on – engine fan can be on/off constantly resulting in engine overheating and costly repairs
    • Parking Brake light is on – brakes feel soft, the electronic parking brake is inoperative, brakes making noise
    • Battery light is on – steering stiff, lights dimming, hard time starting, the vehicle won’t start
    • Automatic Transmission light is on – transmission shifting hard, or not shifting at all, unusual car odors, or visible liquid puddles under car
  • Car operating rougher than normal
  • Engine Idling not normal – high or low
  • Higher than normal fuel consumption
  • Loss of engine power

In order to properly diagnose your vehicle, contact us below to make an appointment to have your car’s electrical systems looked at and serviced properly.

We will diagnose your car’s electrical system to identify all warnings and take effective action to resolve issues before they become bigger.

Budgeting For Your Auto Electrical Repair Service

Budgeting for your auto electrical repair service takes into account the following:

  • Year, make, and model of your car
  • Any parts that need to be serviced or replaced
  • Labor that needs to be performed

After we inspect your vehicle, we will provide you with an estimate for the required auto electrical repair service and a timeline for completion for your approval.

Booking Your Auto Electrical Repair Service

To determine which parts and labor are required for your auto electrical repair service, we recommend the following:

  1. Contact Us below or call 905-842-5678 to schedule your auto electrical systems inspection and service.
  2. Drop your vehicle off on the Scheduled Appointment date and time.
  3. Pick your vehicle up at the designated time or after we call you to confirm your auto electrical repair service has been completed.

We look forward to serving you.

Happy Customer Reviews

“Oakville auto centre is the best place where you can bring your vehicle without hesitation.

Honest, caring, nice, and professional.

They tuned up my Ford Focus and gave me extraordinary customer service.

My old focus runs like new … thank you very much again.

See you for my next oil change!!!!”

Ed Rey

“My family has been coming here since it opened.

If you want an honest shop that will not sell you things you do not need then this is the place.

Every mechanic and employee are courteous, knowledgeable, and committed to quality.

I am 55 yrs old and have dealt with numerous dealerships and repair shops over the years.

None of my previously used shops come close to what you will get here.

Honesty, integrity and quality are what you will find.

You have won my business for life. Thank you.”

Steve Dunlop

“This is by far the best shop in Halton region.

Shadi and his brother manage a tight team of mechanics that really know what they are doing.

They are really efficient and effective at diagnosing problems.

They are also very competitive when it comes to completing the repairs.

Overall I would recommend this garage to anyone for any type of vehicle.

Keep up the good work guys.”

Darren Czarnogorski

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