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Preventive Maintenance

The best way to reduce the risk of serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with unexpected automotive repair is by scheduling routine preventive maintenance. Preventive vehicle maintenance is what the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests completing on a routine basis to keep your vehicle running in the best possible condition! Whether you drive for work or pleasure we are here to keep your vehicle ready for where life takes you!

Why We Do It Better

Our maintenance check includes:

Engine oil and filter changes
Transmission fluid
Fuel system
Cooling system
Engine and transmission mounts
Drive shafts or CV joints
Belts and hoses
Electrical system components
Braking system
Steering and suspension system
Tires, wheels, and rims
Exhaust system
Undercarriage and frame
Exterior and interior lights
Body, glass, and mirrors
Windshield wiper system
Horn, seatbelts and seat structures
Fluid leaks
Auxiliary systems.