Car Xray of mechanical car components
Tino working on car

Diagnostic Services

There is no such thing as a stupid question! Whether your car squeaks, rattles or growls at you for an oil change, we want to hear what you have to say! You know your car better than anyone, and your feedback is the most important first step to accurately diagnosing your vehicles issue.

We encourage our customers to come along for our initial road test to hopefully hear or feel the problem at hand. Don’t worry! If your vehicle decides to play shy and not present the noise right away, we will do our best to replicate the situation you were in when you first realized there was an issue. Once we have a sense of where the issue is stemming from our licensed technicians will then complete the final diagnosis of the problem. Our experienced service advisor will then complete a formal estimate for your review (remember no question is a stupid question!). We will not proceed with the work until we know you are comfortable with the pricing and period associated with your vehicle repair.

We have an open bay door policy at our place and want our customers to feel comfortable with pricing and repairs we are to complete. Bring your steel toes!